Add https to your site

If u plan to sell items or store customer and product information online, having a https address (SSL certificate) gives you and your customers piece of mind. The SSL secure connection keeps your customers' information safe and hidden.

Choose a Plan

SSL Certificate Options

Three low cost high quality options, Select that plan that works for you.

  • Comodo Essential

    A basic SSL certificate that provides complete encryption for a very low price.

    Pay Only $ 99 . 95 /year
  • Domain Trust Level
  • No Mobile compatible
  • Static Site Seal
  • NO Green Bar
  • QuickSSL® Premium

    Low-priced SSL Certificate issued in minutes with dynamic True Site Seal

    Pay Only $ 199 . 95 /year
  • Domain Trust Level
  • Yes Mobile compatible
  • Dynamic Site Seal
  • NO Green Bar
  • True BusinessID with EV

    Extended Validation SSL Certificates triggers the green bar in web browsers.

    Pay Only $ 299 . 95 /year
  • Organization Trust Level
  • Yes Mobile compatible
  • Dynamic Site Seal
  • Yes Green Bar

SSL Certificate Explained

What is SSL

SSL refers to Secure Socket Layer, which is well-known to transfer your data in a secure way across the network. HostingVine offers different type of cheap SSL certificates to help protect your webiste from hacking and sinffing attacks, also we offer different type of certificates like Domain validated, Organization validated and Extended validated. Each type of certificate has its own ability to better protect your website. Want to know how each type of SSL certificate works?

SSL Validation Levels

Domain Validated: This type of certs will validate only your domain identity and will be issued in minutes, it will be idle for basic domain level protection, you can also go for a better certs in domain validated as per your convenient.

Organization Validated: This certificate will validate your domain and as well as organization details too, in order to purchase this certificates you should have a registered organization.

Extended Validated (EV) Certificate: EV certificates are highly trustable in the industry, they will turn the browser bar in to green, as it is been said that it will help in improving trust and sales. It is widely used by big corporations and ecommerce related websites. HostingVine offer cheap EV certificates.

Wildcard SSL Certificate: With this one certificate you can secure all your sub domains as well along with the main domain. HostingVine offers cheap wildcard SLL certificates in industry.

SSL Supported Features

Browser Compatibility : All the certificates provided by us are recognized by most browsers. It means your visitors will feel secure by visiting your site as browsers will not show any red flag which is generally shown if the certificate authority is unknown. All of our certificates are supported by most browser and hence have browser ubiquity.

Encryption of Data : Most of our certificates provided 128/256 bit encryption, level of encryption is depended on the number of bits used to generate an encryption key.

Server Greated Cryptography : A free graphical image which can be kept on your site to show your visitors that your site is secure. Site seal is one of the main reasons people purchase SSL Certificates because it shows that this site is secure and transactions can be done safely. Generally users check for SSL Certificates, so its important to take one.

Site Seal : SGC or Server Gated Cryptography is a security protocol which has been initially introduced to provide secure transactions to major financial industries like banks etc. but now used in various industries. It gives more benefit to your users.

Protect your site visitors' data

SSL will encrypt all the information submitted by clients through compatible browsers to your webserver safely and securely. SSL will also protect your website login pages from spoofing. With SSL certificates now becoming more affordable than ever before, just few bucks can protect your client’s data, also secure all your website information across the network. Our certs starts from $99.00/year